mardi 6 juillet 2010

Finland, day 4

Lazy day ... sleeping late and breakfast before going to sunbathe in the zard in the back of the apartment.

We are waiting fo  the car because Lapua and surroundings is broad and it is much too hot to get from point A to point B on foot.

`We visit local Lutheran church which is really beautiful, entirely made of wood. The church is famous for having the largest organ of the whole Finland but also because of it´s memorial for "Winter War" dead soldiers; "Winter War" opposed Finish and Russian armies.

After our visit and a little road trip around the area, we decided it was time to go food shopping before the shops close, in order to have something to eat .. yes,in case you wonder some stores are open on sundays.

Back at home and lounging in the back of the apartment to the garden again, it is really too hot to do anything else...

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