samedi 3 juillet 2010

Finland, day 2

We begin the day with a breakfast and a little specialties tasting like 'Karjalanpiirakka' (Karelianpie) it's a pretty thin crust type of pancake but rice made filled with rice porridge.


After breakfast we decided to use this day for a little shopping before we leave Helsinki tomorrow for a town farther north, Lapua.

A Later in the afternoon we sat with two friends in an Irish pub to watch World Cup game, Netherlands-Brazil. After the game we changed place to have dinner at a Mexican bar-restaurant while chatting and organizing our little saturday trip to the fortress-island of Suomenlinna and our departure to Lapua.

2 commentaires:

Marguerite a dit…

So cool! I would love to be with oyu right now!!

ENjoy your trip as much as possible! And bring us loads and loads of great photography

Ben a dit…

chanceuse! Ben