lundi 5 juillet 2010

Finland, day 3

The last day in Helsinky begins with a nice little breakfast before getting our luggage ready to leave room. We leave the baggage at the hotel deposit before starting our walk through the town towards the port.

The harbor is crowded, there is the market and also big bunch of tourists. Tickets in hand, we await the departure of the boat that brings us to the island fortress Suomenlinna. The trip is very short, barely ten minutes, but beautiful because there are plenty of small islands around.

Suomenlinna est magnifique, il y a plein de curiosités à voir et on peut même y voir un U-Boat (sous-marin allemand; eh oui je suis une fan d´histoire) qui peut être visité. Les canons et les nombreuses galeries nous donnent l´impression d´être dans une autre époque...

After just over two hours of walking, we take the boat back to Helsinky to have some lunch. A little stressed out, we return to the hotel to get our luggage before heading for our train to Lapua. Four hours later we finally arrive at Lapua; after a good walk we arrive at our final destination, the apartment.

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